What is Your Stylescope?

18 Feb

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. It is a blessing and curse all at once, as you other P’s in the world know.

A year and a half ago, Phil and I moved into our first home and set about working away at our projects, updates and improvements. It has been nothing short of the most fun I’ve ever had. No joke. Putting your time and effort into a home and seeing the results is so rewarding. And investing your efforts into such a special place with your sweetie is – for me – rewarding and fulfilling. And this comes from a girl who wanted to live in a condo her whole life to avoid yard work. 😉

With a house comes decisions. Lots of decisions. And as a P / control freak, what can I say, I have taken the lead on most projects, which I love. But there is always the one hump you can’t get over.

Enter, my living room.

I have been trying to decorate/style/design this room for far too long with visions of Pinterest boards floating in my head I ultimately become overwhelmed and throw my hands up. And so it sits, with a couch, chair, tv – the bare necessities. Ugh.

Time to get a vision, a game plan. On Friday I met with my girlfriend who is getting married this fall and we were discussing her vision. We talked through her colors, her dress, the reception – all of the layers to the event. And then it hit me; if I can plan my dream wedding, I can take on this living room! What I need is a vision.


Why not a style quiz? Heck, Cosmo and Seventeen have helped us to determine our style, favorite candy, movie that best defines our life and even the type of man we will one day marry – why not our decorating style?

Pop over to HomeGoods and see what your stylescope reads.

In the mean time, you will find me buried in blogs, etsy, style books and the like…




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