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Yes, Friday!

15 Feb

Yo, Friday. I like where you’re head is at.

This week has been pretty darn stellar, I’m not going to lie. Maybe my stress is gone and I can see past the haze of crazy. Or maybe the saying that when you put good things out in the world, good things come in return. It’s hard to say. Either way, cheers.




Love is All You Need

14 Feb


Love comes in so many forms, shapes and sizes. It comes in quietly in the form of kind words, soft pink petals and morning snuggles. And other times in ways that shake your world; new little fingers and toes, kisses that change your world and sites of true beauty. But the one love we often overlook is self love – the accomplishments, the missteps, the laughs, the simple things and the grand, they all make up the beautiful life you are living that houses love everyday. Just look around.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day.




A Thought for Tuesday

12 Feb



do what frightens you

31 Jan


Today I am doing just that. Today, I am saying good-bye to my job that was no longer working for me. It was a long time coming, but certainly not a decision I made or take lightly.

But I realized that I was staying in my job out of fear. Fear of not knowing what was next. I was extremely unhappy and yet I thought I had to deal with the situation because I didn’t have the next rung on the monkey bar in clear sight.

So, I faced my fear and stood up for myself.

I will not lie, it was scary and at times I have a moment of panic – what did I do?! But, what I did was put my happiness over a paycheck. I put my family over being ‘on’ 24/7 with emails, phone calls and social media. I was brave. I made a choice to follow my passions, walk down a new path and see where it leads.

Intuition is an amazing and powerful tool that often we ignore. I have found that facing fears have been what have pushed my career and style the furthest. But those risks paid off in the long run.

Many times we so easily cave to things that seem frightening whether they are big or small. We give in to the fear, which ends up holding us back from doing what needs to be done and what is within our journey.

Being fearful as a creative is the greatest deterrent of reaching your potential and making a livelihood for yourself so the more you allow yourself to let go of the fear and just embrace the challenges the more you will see growth and success. Find a way to take things head on and not let them stand in your way. No one else can give you that motivation but yourself.




Bon Jovi Sang to me this Morning

30 Jan

Seriously. I got myself out of bed at the butt-crack (4:45A) for a 75 min spin class. Booyah!

And low and behold all of the January joiners were there leaving me with the very last bike. Thank the lord because girlfriend would have been pissssed if I would have got up for nothing. Mmm-k?!

Once I was on and locked in in the front row I was off. The tunes were jammin and I was getting a minor ego boost string at my bad a** self kicking it.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, my main man started in. 80s were on the turn style today and I was on cloud nine.

Life is a bitch sometimes, but when we feel down and out we need to pick ourselves up and do something about it. Only we can control our lives.

Whoa, we’re halfway there.
Whoa, oh! Living on a prayer.

Happy hump day. What are you doing to make it through the week?




Thought for Tuesday

22 Jan

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.

– Khalil Gibran


Back on the Motivation Train

19 Jan

Morning friends and happy Saturday!

I’m not sure why ants got in my pants, but I am back on the workout train. This week has been filled with gym time, videos and even walks at lunch and I’m loving it. I will say that I truly believe that our motivation is impacted and affected by so many facets in our life, it is not always a simple question of going to the gym.

While there are some things going on behinds the scenes, I am really happy to say that it is having a positive impact on my daily life. I feel less stressed and have seen an increase in my energy. Whoo-hoo!

To be honest, it has been challenging dealing with the loss of motivation. I use the gym as my stress release and as a piece of the puzzle to leaving a healthy life style. So when I reduce my workouts, or even stop, it really impacts my overall health and happiness.

This weeks workouts:

S: 90 min Yoga for Runners and Cyclists Workshop

M: 30 min walk at lunch, 60 min vigorous Vinyasa Flow yoga class

T: 40 min round-Robin cardio, 10 min abs

W: 30 min HIIT

Th: Rest

F: 30 Day Shred (AM), 30 min cardio (PM)

Sa: 60 min spin

Consistency people. Make it a part of your life; schedule workout appointments, find new classes, set a goal.

While it is difficult to get started, I feel like my workouts are back as a standard in my day, which makes the workouts easier to bare. Also, I really try to focus on workouts that make me feel good and that I enjoy. I love cardio and yoga, so I incorporate a good deal into my week, but also know weights are part of the equasion. So, I found a few workout videos (Jillian, Bob and the Tone It Up gals) that I add into the week. You will never find me in a 60 min class at the gym, but I am all about the sweaty weight-fest at home.

I also love blogs for motivation. Some of my favs; PBFingers, Carrots N Cake, My Food and Fitness Diaries and Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.

What is your trick to stay motivated? What are your favorite blogs?




When the Lines Blur

18 Jan

Life is a challenge. We are constantly faced with choices, decisions to make, dynamics of relationshiops, repercusions and at times victories. It all adds up to our whole – who we are as individuals. Making a choice can lead is down a compeltely different path than if we had gone with the other option.

I have recently made a choice. For a long time I felt consumed by an issue that was seeping into my everyday life – it ate up my energy, my happiness, and was at time dibilitating. I accepted this to by my lifestyle, in essence, unhappy.

But, when I reached my lowest point, I reached out. There was no where else to go so I looked to a friend to talk to and hopefully hear some words of wisdom. And that was exactly what happened. My friend told me to change my view on the situation, to keep it contained.

At that time I realized how I had become a victum to the situation and let it control and define my life.

While the situation is ongoing, I am working on my away time to be just that – time away from the negativity. I still have questions to answer, and work to do, but the grey cloud has lifted.

I am sharing this story not for sympathy or to be cryptic, but rather because I know we all struggle with tough situations. We give ourselves excuses to accept things as they are rather than controlling our own destiny.

If you can’t find the strenght within yourself, find someone you can turn to. Life is not always perfect, but it doesn’t certainly doesn’t need to be painful.




Simple but True

9 Jan



A New Year

2 Jan

2013A  new year brings change.

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years and holiday celebration.

I have some exciting plans and tons of goals for 2013, and I truly appreciate all of your visits and comments here on BB – 2013 is going to be bigger and better than ever.

Here is to a year of fun, health, new adventures and possibilities.