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The Pure Barre Class that Wasn’t

12 Feb

You know how people are always saying, “ugh, Monday” and acting as though the day has actually done something to them? Well, that was actually the case with my Monday.

The day started off super awesome, I had big plans – my first day at Pure Barre Ann Arbor. The studio is about 30 min away, so I signed up a week before hand and was like a kid on Christmas anxiously waiting for my first class. The alarm was set, I put on my cutest outfit and made the drive over only to find a dark studio. Turns out class was cancelled at the last minute.

(Picture from their site, don’t let the open door fool you.)

To say I was in a bad mood would be fair. I certainly wasn’t mad, but I felt like a balloon when the air is let out. Whomp, whomp. It was 7:30am and I was decked out in gym gear and ready to go.

I made the best of it by wasting time and money at Whole Foods before driving back to my side of town. Sure, I was able to knock out several errands and still be home in time to see Kelly and Michael, but I was not happy.

20130211-224935.jpg 20130211-224907.jpg 20130211-224858.jpg 20130211-224829.jpg 20130211-224809.jpg

Unfortunately, no amount of BBQ Popchips, walks with Henry or other distractions could snap me out of my bad mood.


I had an appointment on the clear other side of town (30 min in the other direction) and planned to hit up the gym afterwards and then my standard Monday night yoga.

5 miles later and I peaced out. Forget Monday.

The only redeeming part of the day was watching Tierra FINALLY go home. Blach. Homegirl had a worse Monday than me. Fact.

Bye- bye, crazy.


I am on my way over to Pure Barre for another go at class again this morning. Here’s hoping class is actually on. Or, at least I will check the schedule before I leave the house this time.

Have you ever had a class cancelled?




Girls Wine Weekend – Part 2

8 Feb

Back to where we left off.


After the wine tour, we jumped back into our van and headed to our house.

I have to say, if you are going to do a wine tour, I highly recommend booking a driver. We hired a driver for both Katie’s bachelorette party and the wine weekend. With all of the vino, it is better to be safe.

Not to mention, after each winery, we hopped in the car and let Chris lead the way. He had a list of wineries so he did the driving while we gabbed, hydrated and sang karaoke.



When we arrived, our girlfriend Katie A was waiting for us! She was planning to join us on the tour but had to cancel last minute. Once we were inside and our hands were holding more spirits, she shared with us the news that she is expecting!! Well that explains why she missed the wine tour! (And is really the only acceptable answer.)


We ordered in and gabbed into the wee hours yet again.



Seriously, is there anything better than time with amazing women? I think not.

Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye Sunday morning following coffee chat. Despite being together for two days, we gabbed until the last second together.


My sister had a few hours before her flight, so we met up with my brother, SIL Nichole and dad for lunch. It was so wonderful to relax and visit with the family. The last time we were together was for the big wedding!

We had to wrap up and I drove Linds to the airport. It was sad to say good-bye to my favorite lady, but I am planning to visit her in Chicago soon!

After the airport, I headed over to my brother and Nichole’s place. I decided to stay up north for another day and spend time visiting with the newly weds. Life has been crazy busy and I felt like it had been a long time since we were able to have a good chat. We spent the night gabbing, watching the commercials during the Superbowl (priorities) and was treated to some yummy taco salads.

It was a great decision to stay for an extra day. But, it was time to head back on Monday afternoon.

Wine weekends for the win! Already looking forward to the next.

Have you ever been on a wine tour?




Weekend Recap: Holiday Style

26 Nov

Wow, what a weekend! It was a nice, long, relaxing weekend with lots if celebrating and holidays packed into five days.

After Wednesday and my 30th birthday wrapped up, I started Thursday with a nice long run. When I arrived home, Phil and I enjoyed a warm breakfast while starting a few side dishes for Thanksgiving. The whole day was very relaxing; we watched football, cooked, did FaceTime with our families an enjoyed on heck of a meal!!

I am proud to say I made the pie, cranberries and potatoes all from scratch. Phil gets all the credit for the turkey; so juicy and flavorful!

Although we were home all day Thursday, I was moving slow on Friday. So, I went with it. I finished my book, watched movies, cleaned and managed to only leave the house for 45 min. No Black Friday for this girl.

Saturday started with an am spin class. It felt good to get back to class and I quickly realized that I am out of spin shape in a serious way.

We had a housewarming party in the afternoon and the came home to watch my alma mater play. Our plan was to head to the movies afterwards, but I guess everyone had the same idea because every show was sold out! Bummer. But, I’m not a fan of cramped theaters so we headed home with a flick from Red Box.

On Sunday I woke up to the sight of snow! A perfect blanket over our neighborhood. And just like a kid on Christmas, I woke Phil up and suggested we go pick out our tree. He was on board. We quickly got ready and hit the road before 9am.

After a few trial and errors, we’ve realized the best place to get a good tree for a good price I near where Phil grew up. We called up his mom and stopped by her house before hand for a little visit. It was so nice to see her.

We finally made our way to the tree farm.

Within 20 min we had our tree!!

Now that is what I’m talking about!

Phil had to get home for a group meeting for school, and I got to work on dinner. When he returned, we decided to bring Arnold in. Yes, our tree  has a name.


Ta da! This is as far as we got, which is ok by me. The decorations will come throughout the week.

The holiday weekend was a great one. I think Henry had a good time, too.





Rocked It

8 Nov

Did you vote yesterday? This girl did!!

And do you want to know what. it was my first time voting. Ever.

I kept my home address as my parent’s house for years and was hours and hours away making it difficult to vote. And no, I never got my act together to do an absentee ballot. I know, save the finger waving, I have seen the error of my ways. Honestly, I am not sure how much I ‘got it’ until the last election. Over the past two elections, I have realized the importance of being informed, not based on the fluff, ads and marketing schemes.

Yay me for being an active voter!



I also watched the Campaign.

You win some, you lose some.

I hope you excercised your right to vote.




On Top of the World

5 Nov

Happy Monday all!

I am loving today because I am still on vacation – extended weekend for the win! But lets back up to this past weekend because it was amaz-hing.


On Friday, Phil and I hit the road for Chicago. We were so ready for a vacation and decided that Chicago met all of our criteria; within driving distance and lots of fun things to do! Despite some traffic that tried to slow us down, we made it into the city and bee-lined it to Bucktown pub to meet up with my sister and her husband who were out on the town. We had such a great time hanging with them. Like, why do these people not live closer to us so we can be BFFs all the time, fun. 🙂


Friday night was a late one, and adding on the hour time difference, I think I saw my usual wake-up call time. ::Rock-stars::

I woke up without an alarm and I knew right then and there we were going to have a great weekend. Seriously, I love waking up on my own and even better? Waking up without a to-do list. Let me do my happy dance.

OK, I’m back.

I hit up the gym, we took our times munching on breakfast (around lunch time), sipping coffee and finally rolling out to the cool, crisp air of the city. The weather was nothing short of a perfect November day; mid-fourties, sunny and no wind. I was able to rock my cutie boots and jacket, but not be bundled like a marshmallow. Perfection.

We spent the afternoon on the Mag Mile. You don’t need details, we could be here all day. But, it was glorious.

Around 6pm we hit up the mini mart for some adult beverages – time to get this party started! Phil made reservations for us at a very special location at 9pm, so we spent an hour resting and then got ready for an exciting and special night. The John Hancock building is a landmark in Chicago and houses the Signature Room; a fabulous restaurant on the 95th floor. Yes, you are almost on top of the world, while enjoying an amazing meal. And lucky me, I had the best date to share the night with.

After the trip to the top, we were seated next to the window and spent plenty of time enjoying the view. It never got old.

We moved on to some wine and apps, and our meals.

The meal ended with a special pumpkin mini-cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

I cannot think of any better way to ring in the big 3-0. I felt so special; sitting on top of the city with my husband it was an awesome, awesome surprise.


Sunday started much like Saturday (workout, lazy eats and coffee). We gathered up our stuff and headed over to visit with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. It was again a perfect day, so we loaded up the peanut and headed out to a late lunch in their neighborhood. I have always heard of Smoke Daddy (my family raves about it), but Phil and I have never been. Well, Sunday was the day.

The food was so good, but even better were their bbq sauces. Wow! The mustard bbq was so, so good and totally unique. I’m kicking myself for not bringing some home.

Someone loved the mac and cheese!

I’m so glad we were able to go over to their place and visit for a few hours before heading back home.

I cannot say enough good things about this past weekend. It was wonderful start to finish.

Hope you all had a great one, too!





25 Sep

Last weekend, Phil and I signed up for some good old fashion fun in the form of drinks the size of your head. Say what?

Frankenmuth was hosting it’s annual Oktoberfest celebration – a large event that draws those celebrating their heritage and other looking for a good time to town.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and put on our game face.

The festival was fairly basic – one big open room with beer trucks in the corner, a live band in the back and tables filling in the remaining area so no one had to try to function too much. Pull up a seat and let the good times roll.

Phil and I quickly realized that it would be a much better time to have a big group of peeps to enjoy the festival with, so after a round of the grounds, we found a tv that was broadcasting the MSU football game. I kid you not.

We had a great time…and MSU won. 🙂

Do you attend any annual festivals?




When Rulers Fail

11 Sep

Hello party people. Hope you are all back up and rockin your week. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was ok, I guess I should say, not what I expected.

It was a stay at home weekend with your typical schedule; clean, gym, errands, social outings and to-dos around the house. Last weekend before heading to the cottage, we decided to pull the trigger and purchase new appliances for our kitchen. Hooray!

We had a crazy evening Friday prepping the kitchen for the big delivery on Saturday and hanging on the couch with a few good flicks.

My husband decided we should also do a photo-shoot with our old appliaces. So, no, we are not really cooking, everything you see here is staged. Yes, again, we are super cool.

Saturday was a typical day, however, we had our friends stop over for a bit, which was fun. <Side bar, I love having random drop-ins at our house.>

And then we go the call – they were on their way. Our friends caught the whiff of work coming soon, so they peaced out as the truck pulled up. Perfect timing.

The delivery guys were amaze, however, they told us that they were unable to remove our fridge. Oh, awesome.

We decided to deal with it later, finished unloaded and before we knew it, we had four new appliances sitting in the middle of our kitchen. Yea, my pro of a husband was saving us a few buck-a-roos and was doing the work on his own.

First up: the fridge. We moved the old one to the side and started working. Ummm, doesn’t fit by .25”. So, bye-bye wall. Nothing like a little demolition.

Next up was the dishwasher. Oh, they didn’t give us a part we needed. Ok, off to the HD for the fourth time (and counting).

OK, stove time. Wummp, wummp, this one didn’t fit either. No, I am not kidding.

You see, our old appliances were installed with the house (34 years ago) and were custom. that means, everything fit snug as a bug and was done to the ut-most perfection. Good for them, bad for us.

By making your appliances custom, there is typically a nice ‘lip’ that goes around said appliances throwing off the measurements. Live and learn. So, two of our appliances were literally a hair too large for the space. Ugh.

By the end of the weekend, we had one melt down, seven trips to Home Depot, one functioning dishwasher, two functioning refrigerators, a stove that functions but is in the middle of my kitchen and an old microwave. At least the help is cute 🙂

Needless to say, my trips to the gym were much needed by myself and my husband (an hour of peace and quiet).

If there is one thing I have learned through house projects it is to expect the unexpected. I am sure we will look back one day and laugh. Of course, that day will come after my stove is out of the middle of the room.



Buns and Bluebs

7 Jul

We are rocking and rolling over here today!

Phil and I headed up to his home town last night after work. We have a few to-dos to take care of.

When I arrived, someone was very excited to see me. 🙂 Henry has been hanging at Grandma’s all week and I have missed him tons. We got in a lot of snuggles and play>;20120707-121521.jpg
This morning, I set my alarm because I was bound and determinded to tackle one of my bucket list items for 2012; Pure Barre.


Conveniently, the studio is only one mile from my mother in-law’s house, so I was out the door by 7:40am so I could arrive early per the recommendation on the website.

I have to say, the class was HARD. Like, whoa. I struck up a conversation with the girl next to me who is friends with the owner. She said she’s lost 30 lbs in the past 6 months. She also said I may not be able to walk tomorrow.
Now that I’m out of the class, I think she might be right!! 🙂

I headed home to enjoy some blueberry pancakes hot off the grill, changed and got ready for my second date of the morning. My mother in-law and I had big plans to hit up the blueberry farm.








After an hour, our buckets were full and we had a belly full of berries – yum!

Now it’s time to rest and find some lunch before heading over to our rental property to help out Phil who’s been working away all day.

Hope you’re having a good Saturday!


Road Trip to Cedar Point

5 Jul

Morning sunshines! How are we all feeling today? I’m struggling a bit to be honest. But, when we are playing hard, I never regret it the next day, despite the need for a coffee drip injection to function the next day.

Since the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday, work was kind enough to give us the day off, but only that day. Hump. Well, we decided to make the most of it (actually, I think Phil was tired of hearing me beg), and we hit the open road for Cedar Point!!!!!

20120705-091052.jpgNo road trip is complete without licorice! A Dilloway tradition. 🙂

20120705-091103.jpgAfter two speedy hours we saw the promised land.


Trying to take a picture of the digital sign proved to be a challenge. It did say ‘Welcome to Cedar Point’ but I wasn’t quick enough on the draw.

20120705-091129.jpgHappy birthday, America! Lookin’ good old gal.


Let’s do this!

When visiting CP, one must have a game plan. You have to decide if you are a ride warrior (looking to take on the hardest/fastest/craziest rides or are you a casual visitor who will walk the park and go on the rides that look good? Phil and I are ride warriors! We love the rides and while Phil has more of an adventourous spirit then me, I try to go on one new ride each time I go.

This marked a big trip because I only had ONE ride I had not tackled and I planned on crossing it off my list!

We started with the Rapor, my favorite ride; your legs dangle, you drop, flip and it has great speed. It is totally worth waiting for the front seat because you can see the entire park. It is a great view!


We had a long, hot wait (temps were reaching 100 degrees early in the day), but it was a blast!!

And with that, we were off! Our adrenaline was pumping and we quickly ran to the next ride finding no wait! And the next ride, only a 15 minute wait! At first we were unsure of hitting up the park on a holiday, but the park was pretty quiet allowing us to jump from ride to ride.



We took a break for some lunch and to let our bodies readjust from all of the flips and turns we put it through. And then, it was time to face my fears- Top Thrill Dragster.

To give you an idea of what this ride entails; you take off at 120 mph, go 420 ft in the air, round the top and come racing down all within 17 seconds. Yup, this is no joke. It’s the highest and fastest ride in the park.


I was really nervous walking up and waiting in the seat (there is a countdown which totally boosts your adrenaline rush), but I knew the ride was only going to take 17 seconds so I held on tight and we were off.

It was a RUSH!! I absolutely loved this ride! Maybe because it isn’t too far off from my own driving? 😉

Because this ride is so fast and intense, you are not allowed to have any ‘extras’ on you or in your hands. So, when we stepped up with our sunglasses, they advised we put them in our shirts. When we finished the ride, we were gliding into the home base and Phil looked at me with a horrified look and told me his glasses were no longer in his shirt, they must have flown out.

We were bummed since they are custom Oaklyes and a pretty penny. The workers said that they do a collection under the ride once a day and we would have to check back. Boo.

Phil said, “lets walk along the area and just see if we can spot them.” Not surprisingly, we ended up empty-handed. Just as we were walking away, the girl who guesses your weight says, “Are you looking for these?” (holding up Phil’s glasses)!!! I think our jaws hit the ground.

Apparently his glasses flew out, hit the umbrella and landed safe and sound. Holy smokes!!


We were over-the moon happy and could not stop talking about the luck we had for the rest of the day.

In other news, not only did I take on the Top Fuel, I found my new favorite ride: Maverick. The ride starts with a 95 degree angle drop. Whoa!

The day wrapped with a trip to Chick-fil-A before heading home through a pretty nasty rain storm that produced quarter-size hail.

20120705-091220.jpgThe day was so much fun! I love Cedar Point – I feel like a kid again.

How did you celebrate the 4th? Do you like roller coasters?



Blue Skies and Chili Dogs

22 Jun

Yesterday I wrapped up in Chicago and said my goodbyes.

I was home for about an hour before the first wave of visitors showed up; my sister and her family from Chicago! It was awesome because I just saw them yesterday morning.
We spent time playing and catching up. Phil and Natalie also practiced their drumming skills.


An hour later rounds two and three of visitors showed up and we were rocking and rolling; eight people, four dogs and one baby. Whoa. I have a FULL house this weekend!

I started this morning at the gym- I was ready to have a little quiet time. We had my grandma’s burial ceremony today down state so we all headed out for the day.

The service was beautiful and we were able to round out our trip at a family staple; Monroe Chili Dog.

My mom grew up in Monroe and would frequent the drive-in and then we would always go when went would visit. There is a total science to this place. All three of us Dilloway kids were ready to go – and, this would be Phil’s first experience.

Everyone placed their order (you can only order hotdogs and root beer) and we dug in. Yum!!






Now that we are all full and happy, we’re heading back to our house to kick back and relax.

do you have a restaurant or place you always go from your childhood?

It’s the weekend, yay!!