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The Pure Barre Class that Wasn’t

12 Feb

You know how people are always saying, “ugh, Monday” and acting as though the day has actually done something to them? Well, that was actually the case with my Monday.

The day started off super awesome, I had big plans – my first day at Pure Barre Ann Arbor. The studio is about 30 min away, so I signed up a week before hand and was like a kid on Christmas anxiously waiting for my first class. The alarm was set, I put on my cutest outfit and made the drive over only to find a dark studio. Turns out class was cancelled at the last minute.

(Picture from their site, don’t let the open door fool you.)

To say I was in a bad mood would be fair. I certainly wasn’t mad, but I felt like a balloon when the air is let out. Whomp, whomp. It was 7:30am and I was decked out in gym gear and ready to go.

I made the best of it by wasting time and money at Whole Foods before driving back to my side of town. Sure, I was able to knock out several errands and still be home in time to see Kelly and Michael, but I was not happy.

20130211-224935.jpg 20130211-224907.jpg 20130211-224858.jpg 20130211-224829.jpg 20130211-224809.jpg

Unfortunately, no amount of BBQ Popchips, walks with Henry or other distractions could snap me out of my bad mood.


I had an appointment on the clear other side of town (30 min in the other direction) and planned to hit up the gym afterwards and then my standard Monday night yoga.

5 miles later and I peaced out. Forget Monday.

The only redeeming part of the day was watching Tierra FINALLY go home. Blach. Homegirl had a worse Monday than me. Fact.

Bye- bye, crazy.


I am on my way over to Pure Barre for another go at class again this morning. Here’s hoping class is actually on. Or, at least I will check the schedule before I leave the house this time.

Have you ever had a class cancelled?




Busy as a Bee

9 Feb

Happy Saturday!

I hope you aren’t buried under heaps of snow! We had a good amount of accumulation Thursday night and continued through the day Friday. Winter is showing it’s head, finally.

Yesterday was quite busy. In fact, the entire week has been busy. For someone who just removed 60 hours of work from her life, you certainly wouldn’t know it.

Monday – drive back home from up-north trip, unload car at 9pm. Say hi to my boys. Crash and burn.

Tuesday – unpack, laundry, dig myself out of email jail, chats with friends and dinner and drinks with the girls.

Wednesday – more laundry (how is this possible), dug through stack of mail, grocery store, Target run (aka time suck), lots of organizing throughout the house, gym, long walk with Henry Winston, dinner date with the boy.

Thursday – gymin’ x2, blog design call, meet with the financial planner followed by a long meeting at Starbucks with the boy, work meeting, and then visitors!

Friday – Lots of blog work (good things are coming in the next few weeks!), gym, meeting, lunch date and then hanging with the visitor. My brother has a coaching conference in the area, so he is staying with us through the weekend. We have spent lots of time chatting and hanging out – he is one of my favs so I am soaking in all that I can.

I have been all over God’s green earth this week and I am spent. But, I feel as though there is so much to do. Between house projects, some personal projects, house upkeep, daily gym dates, and Henry, my head is swirling. Bah. Time for a game plan.

I may be overwhelmed, but thankfully some other people have their acts together when it comes to workout plans, which has helped me keep my exercise on point. I integrated a few new routines into my workouts.

First, I finally tried out Physique 57. The company just launched online workouts that you can watch on your computer – awesome! I’ve debated investing in their dvd, but wasn’t sure where it would fall on my love scale, so this was a great option!

I went for the 30 min cardio session and it did not disappoint! My heart rate was up, I toned, tightened and strengthened in no time.



I have also been following Gina’s Winter Shape Up program. I adore her blog and was really motivated to give her program a whirl. And I must say – I am loving it! On Thursday, I did some toning moves and her stairmaster routine. It was a killer in a good way. I would totally recommend her Shape Up program to anyone. She focuses on short, intense bursts of energy to get the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time. Love it.


Hope you are having a great Saturday. Stay warm!





Bon Jovi Sang to me this Morning

30 Jan

Seriously. I got myself out of bed at the butt-crack (4:45A) for a 75 min spin class. Booyah!

And low and behold all of the January joiners were there leaving me with the very last bike. Thank the lord because girlfriend would have been pissssed if I would have got up for nothing. Mmm-k?!

Once I was on and locked in in the front row I was off. The tunes were jammin and I was getting a minor ego boost string at my bad a** self kicking it.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, my main man started in. 80s were on the turn style today and I was on cloud nine.

Life is a bitch sometimes, but when we feel down and out we need to pick ourselves up and do something about it. Only we can control our lives.

Whoa, we’re halfway there.
Whoa, oh! Living on a prayer.

Happy hump day. What are you doing to make it through the week?




The Power of the Podcast

25 Jan

Happy Friday!

I am s-t-o-k-e-d that we reached the end of the week. Sure, sure, it was a short week, but I still love my Fridays.

Today started at the gym- per usual followed by an awesome breakfast, the protein pancake with fresh berries. Mmmm. 20130122-123241.jpgfsdfd

Since it’s Friday and many of you share your favs I thought I’d share one of my latest addictions- the podcast.

Recently, I’ve become slightly obsessed with podcasts. On my way into work, I load up the latest and by time I’m I to the office I’ve taken in a great conversation, learned a thing or two and felt as though I’ve expanded my mind. Podcasts are a great alternative to newspapers for people who have long commutes like me. It’s impossible to read while driving 45 min one way to work, but a podcast gives me that same ‘in-the-know’ feeling.

There are a ton of great shows out there, but my hands-down favorite is Jillian Michaels. Her shows are highly entertaining and educational. Topics range from food and fitness (dugh), to hit topics in government, stress, happiness and overall health. Listening to her show has completely opened my eyes to the false perception we have of being healthy in this world.

The show is 50 min and starts with a topic of J’s choice followed by a call or two from people with health and fitness questions.

Jillian Michaels


I now only eat organic soft-skinned fruits and veggies an USDA meats. I’m saying good-bye to hormones being pumped into my body.

I have also found her shows to be completely motivational. She encourages people to live a healthy and happy life. Jillian believes that everyone can get to that point if we are simply honest with ourselves.

In December, I traveled out to the west coast three times giving me lots of un-plugged hours to fill. I found myself tearing through her podcasts faster than I do through a sale at Neimans. I can’t get enough.


The Long Weekend Round Up

24 Jan

I know it is later in the week, but this girl had Monday off for MLK day and life has been busy so lets go with it.

We had originally planned for visitors, but had a last-minute change so Phil and had a wide-open weekend.

Highlights include:

  • gymin’ every day
  • naps
  • reading
  • hitting up a new restaurant in town with our good friends
  • girl talk
  • two-hour yoga sesh
  • house cleaning

But the real highlight was Phil waking me up from a two-hr nap and asking me to dinner and a movie. If you don’t know me well, this is one of my favorite things to do. I adore ‘going to the show’. Phil is okay on it, so we usually go way less than I would like to. Any time Phil is game, I practically race out the door. And this flick was extra special, we finally saw Les Mis.


Oh, My. Gosh. I loved the singing, the love story, the clothes, the colors – le sigh.

Did I mention that I skated to Les Mis my senior year of high school? I will spare you the video, but I have a special place in my heart for this soundtrack. And add-on our trip to Paris last year and my love of musicals — I was a gonner.

I sang the whole way home. 🙂

What was the best part of your weekend?



Back on the Motivation Train

19 Jan

Morning friends and happy Saturday!

I’m not sure why ants got in my pants, but I am back on the workout train. This week has been filled with gym time, videos and even walks at lunch and I’m loving it. I will say that I truly believe that our motivation is impacted and affected by so many facets in our life, it is not always a simple question of going to the gym.

While there are some things going on behinds the scenes, I am really happy to say that it is having a positive impact on my daily life. I feel less stressed and have seen an increase in my energy. Whoo-hoo!

To be honest, it has been challenging dealing with the loss of motivation. I use the gym as my stress release and as a piece of the puzzle to leaving a healthy life style. So when I reduce my workouts, or even stop, it really impacts my overall health and happiness.

This weeks workouts:

S: 90 min Yoga for Runners and Cyclists Workshop

M: 30 min walk at lunch, 60 min vigorous Vinyasa Flow yoga class

T: 40 min round-Robin cardio, 10 min abs

W: 30 min HIIT

Th: Rest

F: 30 Day Shred (AM), 30 min cardio (PM)

Sa: 60 min spin

Consistency people. Make it a part of your life; schedule workout appointments, find new classes, set a goal.

While it is difficult to get started, I feel like my workouts are back as a standard in my day, which makes the workouts easier to bare. Also, I really try to focus on workouts that make me feel good and that I enjoy. I love cardio and yoga, so I incorporate a good deal into my week, but also know weights are part of the equasion. So, I found a few workout videos (Jillian, Bob and the Tone It Up gals) that I add into the week. You will never find me in a 60 min class at the gym, but I am all about the sweaty weight-fest at home.

I also love blogs for motivation. Some of my favs; PBFingers, Carrots N Cake, My Food and Fitness Diaries and Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.

What is your trick to stay motivated? What are your favorite blogs?




Snack Attack: Holiday Sugar Overload

7 Dec

Oh man, the goodies are in full swing! With the holiday season comes TONS of sweets that pop up everywhere in every form.

For example, when rolling into the Bux for my cup-o-joe, visions of peppermint mochas and snow-like whipped cream drinks are everywhere you turn. I ran screaming – get me out of here without a third butt-cheek! Yikes.mocha

I am lucky that my office does not really get into the ‘sharing’ thing. Ok, we are a bit crotchety around here, but it’s times like this that I am actually grateful for the lack of kitchen-filled goodies.

However, not everyone has this environment. Some of you may have kind, giving coworkers who bring in their latest baked goods and fudge that you just have to try. christmascookies

So, here are some ways for you, your diet and your jeans to make it through the holidays :

  • Balance, ladies and gentleman. Not all goodies are created equal. Find what you love, enjoy it and move on.
  • On that same note, once you have picked your poison (I can’t say no to my mom’s sugar cookies), have one, enjoy it and move on. Don’t take down the whole plate. Not cute.
  • Keep moving. Take a walk, hit the gym, dance, clean your house – it all counts.
  • The holidays are not about food. Focus on family, fun and experiences. Those will last longer than the second slice of pie.

I am a healthy lifestyle advocate. Nothing is off the table, nothing is a ‘bad’ food. We need to focus on nourishing our bodies with quality food, movement and happiness. Life doesn’t start January 1.

Happy holidays!




You’ll Never Guess

29 Nov

Morning to you!

You’ll never guess what I did today. I walked past my beloved cardio machines and right over here.


Lets be honest about a few things
•I am a cardio queen!
•I fear weights
•I am lucky to pop in one Jillian or Bob DVD once a week.

I think my fear is like most other girls; I don’t want to bulk up. But time and time again I hear about the benefits (inside and out) of adding in resistance training.

Now lets be clear, I am not going to be sitting down at machines knocking out reps. No, no. I’m more of a dynamic movement girl. I like using my body weight and resistance bands. Natural moves that mimic how you move in life.

So, I did it and I survived. Actually I more than survived, I broke a good sweat and I kind of liked it.

Do you hit the weights? What’s your favorite move?



When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Spin

12 Sep

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘go with your gut’, right? It’s one of those sayings that seems easier said than done, though. So many times our mind, fear or others can mumble these messages. But, when I get the feeling, I try my best to go with it because I know when I do, it’s in my best interest.

The past 24 hours have been less than ideal. From another trip to the dentist for two more fillings, living off soups and scrambled eggs; a garage that decided to break at 8pm (my car locked inside), to my work email crashing and loosing loads of info – I had thrown my hands at the world – forget it.

As I usually do to lift my spirits, I pulled out my phone to play with some social media tool. Instead, I opened my gym’s app and realized that I could potentially make it to my all-time favorite spin class. Thanks to its 6pm start time, I can NEVER make it. But today I was working from home, and I had an hour before the start of class….my gut said yes, do it!

I got dressed and went. I was nervous and continuously questioned myself, but I kept moving forward. And it was the best decision.



The class was so, so hard in the best of ways. I was sweating buckets and loving every minute.

With all of the messages that fly at us every day from every directions, we can some times miss the quiet one that comes from deep inside.

Lesson learned: honor thy gut.



It’s Friday, Friday

24 Aug

Happy Friday, one and all.

I can hardly believe the weekend is here. THANK GOODNESS.

Coming off a vacation makes me loath returning to my regularly scheduled program, not energized as one would hope to be. No, this girl wishes every day she was still waking up in a house on the lake with over a dozen of her friends with nothing on the agenda.

Le sigh.

But, I did manage to surprise myself with some gym motivation. To get real for a second here, I realized that as much as I told myself I was eating healthy and working out, I wasn’t being completely honest. I have grabbed an extra this, or nibbled on that. Taken a box of cinnamon wheat thins to the couch with me. And while I have been working out, there has been no plan and my membership shows a decrease in visits. Yea, working out an average of two days less per week plus extras equals no bueno.

It is time to get on track.

Sure, the end of August seems like an odd time to find motivation to get whipped back into shape, but I have a wedding that I plan to look extra fine at coming in December. Time to work it out.

When I don’t have something I am working towards (wedding, vacation, etc), I find myself being a bit more lax with myself. Which is honestly fine.  I have a healthy and balanced approach to food and working out. But, I am ready to bring the heat.

This week, I made a plan, set my alarm before hitting the hay and got my bootay to the gym every day. YEEESS!

(Side note, I may or may not have promised myself a mani/pedi if I stuck to my planned workouts.)

I also started writing down everything I eat in a day. Now, again, this is not typical behavior for me. But, I have done it in the past and it really helped me see exactly what I was putting out vs. burning and I track my water intake.

So, now you all know about my new goal. I plan to post more about my workouts, eats (not too many pictures, not a big fan) and motivation.

How do you stay motivated? I have to keep this up for a while, so I’ll take any thoughts or suggestions!

Happy Friday!