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Love is All You Need

14 Feb


Love comes in so many forms, shapes and sizes. It comes in quietly in the form of kind words, soft pink petals and morning snuggles. And other times in ways that shake your world; new little fingers and toes, kisses that change your world and sites of true beauty. But the one love we often overlook is self love – the accomplishments, the missteps, the laughs, the simple things and the grand, they all make up the beautiful life you are living that houses love everyday. Just look around.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day.




Here We Go!

27 Dec

Over the river and through the woods to grandma’s my parent’s house we go!

After the winter snow shit storm yesterday, we woke up ready to get this show on the road. The snow delayed us, but didn’t slow our excitement an anticipation to be up north with my family.

While many bloggers are recapping their Christmases and talking about post holiday blues, I have my Christmas still I front of me! It doesn’t feel like its Christmas yet since I haven’t seen my family.

This morning we quickly got ready, jammed two suitcases to the max with clothes and shoveled the six inches of snow that came down in less than six hours. Then, we hit the road!!

Luckily the sun came out to clear the roads and its been smooth sailing. Although I wanted to be home yesterday, it would have been a long and very stressful drive. Better safe than sorry.

As much as I love Christmas, the real reason I’m so excited is for Saturday – my brother is getting married!!!! I’m so, so anxious to get this party started! We have a full five days of rehearsals, family gatherings, hair, nails and other appointments, Christmas celebration, New Years and a few workouts (can’t wait for more TRX classes)! Lots to do with all of my loves ones.

The Christmas spirit is still alive and kicking in this girl. ūüôā

About to pull into my parent’s driveway. Catch ya later!

What are your plans for the new year?



A Change of Plans and Birthday Celebrations

26 Dec

Winter is here!!




I was just finishing a few errands this morning when the snow began. And then it picked up quite a bit! In the past two hours our view is much like the inside of a snow globe.

Unfortunately, we had plans to be on the road today and we need to postpone our travels until tomorrow morning. I’m sure we could have made it, but it would have taken a long time and been very stressful. So we are enjoying an unexpected, quiet night in.

While it may be quiet around here now, we’ve been quite busy the past few days. On Friday night we went out with two of our best friends to celebrate their back-to-back birthdays!

John and Cathy came over for a pee drink and then we headed down to Fishbones in downtown Detroit. This restaurant is one of my absolute favorite places in Detroit so I was super excited for dinner.

We stated the dinner with lots of wine and thought, when in Rome!


Once again it was a wonderful meal!

Next we hit up MGM Casino. Cathy is friends with one of the bartenders who helped us celebrate. Have you heard of a Stoplight shot?



The boys were lucky at blackjack while we stuck to the slots.


We finally called it a night at 4am with pancakes. Awesome night.

Saturday started at noon. I knocked out a long run and some grocery shopping before coming home for dinner. Well, it was probably closer to lunch given the time we woke up ūüėČ Phil went to the Lions game while I wrapped up Christmas shopping and wrapping. A nice quiet night.

On Sunday, I started with a Pilates class, which left my abs screaming. Phil and I celebrated our Christmas and dinner together. It was such a fun weekend. I laughed harder than I have in a long time and soaked in all of my loved ones.

Christmas #2 recap coming up next. Until then, everyone stay safe and warm!!



Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Wishing everyone a wonderful day filled with loved ones, laughter and lots of cookies.


And Henry, too.


A New Holiday Agenda

20 Dec

Oh my the holidays are quickly approaching and I am READY! Shopping is done, gifts are wrapped, only a day left at work and then I will be free as a bird!

The past two weeks have been h-e- double hockey sticks, so I am anticipating the break to be extra awesome.

We will be at home for the next few days celebrating our friend’s birthday, relaxing and hopefully planning our spring vacation. Because honestly, that is all I can think about right now.


For Christmas, we will be at home for the FIRST TIME! In fact, I have never not been at my parents house, or in the past few years, Phil’s mom’s house. It will be a change to wake up in our home – one that I am looking forward to but also think there will be a twinge of sadness. My Mother in Law is coming down to celebrate the holiday and is scheduled to arrive on Christmas Eve. So, we will have family and have planned some fun activities.

On Wednesday, we are heading north to my home for a HUGE weekend; Christmas, New Years¬†and my brother’s wedding! Oh, it is going to be a solid week of good times.

Between the lack of snow and a wedding just days after Christmas, I have barely given the holiday any thought. Like I said, a whole different holiday this year.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Do you live somewhere that gets snow? Do you have any this year?




The Holiday Workout

15 Dec






13 Dec

Hi kittens. Just popping in for a quick hello, because, well, not much to share here in pitty-party land. Yes, that’s right, I’m having a woe-is-me day. Strike that, couple of days.

To be honest, I love the holidays, but life has thrown a few extra pounds of stress onto my plate and I have been trying my best to take it all in stride but despite my efforts, its bumming my flow. Long work hours, to-do lists, events, parties, birthdays and last minute items are pilling up. Sure, there is a lot of good in there….there is just A LOT of it.

The problem really lies in what gets lost; balanced meals, trips to the gym, down time and sleep. I have been cutting back on all of the above and filling my time with stress and tummy with sugar. Not good. But, the feeling of being overwhelmed does a number on your mojo.

To add salt to injury, I am feeling under the weather. I’d like to say I’m resting, but I don’t want to lie to you.

I sometimes think the name of my blog is funny because I rarely feel balanced. Rather, it is what I am always striving towards. A happy place. But right now, my happiness lives at the bottom of a Starbucks cup.  Better run!

Hope you’re all managing your to-dos and stress.




Start at the Very Beginning

10 Dec

Howdy all. I am back from a long weekend that was filled to the brim. So let’s get started.

Friday consisted of Pilates, a trip to the salon and girl’s night: holiday style. My friend hosted and cooked an amazing dinner for us that we enjoyed by the beautiful Christmas tree. And in true girls night stereotype, we ate, drank, laughed and watched Magic Mike. Perfection. We even had a slumber party! Are we ever too old for slumber parties? I think not.20121211-113121.jpg


Phil had gone out on the town with one if the other girl’s boyfriends, so I headed I their place o meet up with Phil. We ended up staying for a while and chatting over coffee.

The day was slipping away, so Phil and I packed up and headed home with a stop do lunch. Homegirl needed some food. It was fun to catch up with Phil over lunch- we both had a ton if fun and lots if stories to share.

I got home, unpacked, took a power nap and then got ready to he’s out for the day. The afternoon was spent fighting crazy crowds at the mall so Phil could get his suit for the wedding altered. We had to head out at a decent time to make it back across town for our couples massage. Which, despite some slight¬†concerns¬†when we first arrived, ended up being the best massage¬†either of us have ever received. Date night continued at a new restaurant in downtown Royal Oak, Pizzaria¬†Biga.


Our Biga, our yeast, is what makes our Neopalitano-style pizza different. Making the crust chewy, light and flavorful, Biga is a simple starter ingredient that creates a remarkable final product. Baked in a 900-degree wood-burning oven, our pizza crust ends-up slightly charred, as all real Neapolitano pizzas should. You will notice that our menu is simple and reflective.

We had such a great time!

On Sunday I was SPENT! Girlfriend needed a break.

Phil and I started the day with a large pot of coffee, Christmas Vacation and let the Christmas spirit take over the house. We decorated and finished up the tree trimmings.


Phil had a group project to work on all afternoon, so I snuggled into the couch and tackled the Christmas cards and wrapping while enjoying some terribly fabulous holiday movies.



I did manage to get my bootay to the gym and whipped up a nice home cooked meal – just what I needed after the crazy prior days.

I’m not sure about you, but I am already exhausted from the holidays and we are just getting started! It may be the addition of a wedding on the 29th that has increased the to-do list and stress, but man, this year is crazy.

Hope you all had a great weekend!




Weekend Recap: Holiday Style

26 Nov

Wow, what a weekend! It was a nice, long, relaxing weekend with lots if celebrating and holidays packed into five days.

After Wednesday and my 30th birthday wrapped up, I started Thursday with a nice long run. When I arrived home, Phil and I enjoyed a warm breakfast while starting a few side dishes for Thanksgiving. The whole day was very relaxing; we watched football, cooked, did FaceTime with our families an enjoyed on heck of a meal!!

I am proud to say I made the pie, cranberries and potatoes all from scratch. Phil gets all the credit for the turkey; so juicy and flavorful!

Although we were home all day Thursday, I was moving slow on Friday. So, I went with it. I finished my book, watched movies, cleaned and managed to only leave the house for 45 min. No Black Friday for this girl.

Saturday started with an am spin class. It felt good to get back to class and I quickly realized that I am out of spin shape in a serious way.

We had a housewarming party in the afternoon and the came home to watch my alma mater play. Our plan was to head to the movies afterwards, but I guess everyone had the same idea because every show was sold out! Bummer. But, I’m not a fan of cramped theaters so we headed home with a flick from Red Box.

On Sunday I woke up to the sight of snow! A perfect blanket over our neighborhood. And just like a kid on Christmas, I woke Phil up and suggested we go pick out our tree. He was on board. We quickly got ready and hit the road before 9am.

After a few trial and errors, we’ve realized the best place to get a good tree for a good price I near where Phil grew up. We called up his mom and stopped by her house before hand for a little visit. It was so nice to see her.

We finally made our way to the tree farm.

Within 20 min we had our tree!!

Now that is what I’m talking about!

Phil had to get home for a group meeting for school, and I got to work on dinner. When he returned, we decided to bring Arnold in. Yes, our tree  has a name.


Ta da! This is as far as we got, which is ok by me. The decorations will come throughout the week.

The holiday weekend was a great one. I think Henry had a good time, too.





The Holidays are Here

19 Nov

This past weekend was an absolute whirlwind in the best kind of way. It was jam-packed with friends, food and fun.

The weekend started on Thursday when work closed out. Despite my Debbie Downer attitude, I had some plans with my ladies for a birthday dinner and then Twilight! My best friend hosted the dinner at her house. I was greeted by some decorations, a warm welcome and lots of apps for snacking.

The girls rolled in and I was surprised with dinner – a salad bar with all of my favorite fixings! Now, if you don’t know me, this might sound strange. However, I am a veggie and thus salad lover and was so touched that my friends were so thoughtful¬† in putting this spread together. We enjoyed our salads, wine and laughs followed by gifts and finally some cupcakes and birthday song.

Around 10:30, we gathered ourselves and headed to the theatre for the premiere of Twilight. Oh my gosh you guys, this movie was actually good. Now, I understand that comment is in comparison to the other movies in the series, but really, it was suspenseful and intense. I loved it!

I made it home around 2am and crashed on a complete birthday-high.


Friday was a work holiday, so I slept in a bit and then headed to the gym for my Tone It Up workout.

Kicked my bootay!

That night was my work holiday party. I work with some great people and Phil and I had a blast chatting with my coworkers.

We stayed out late and again, crashed just before the 2am hour.


I was up and at ’em because I had some exciting plans to meet up with my girlfriend/ bride-to-be to do some dress shopping in Lansing. I met up with the bridesmaids, Cathy (BTB) and her mom for a morning filled with dresses for all the ladies. We tried on a lot of different options and I think we landed on a good one! Cathy also tried on some dresses and she was stunning. Sorry, no pictures to share – everything is top-secret!! ūüôā

We headed out to lunch and then I started my trip home. Lansing is just over an hour away, so I had a few hours to spare before our evening plans, so I headed to the gym. Nothing like planning ahead! Unfortunately, I was pretty beat, so it was a so-so showing, but I went. Kudos to me for the effort.

After, I went home to shower up and grab Phil for our dinner plans. We headed over to my coworker’s house and then out to dinner at a new-to-us spot, Tony Saccos. they have a coal-burning oven that cooks the pizza in no time and specialize in thin-crust with fresh ingredients. Phil and I ordered the vegetarian and loved every bite.

The dinner and company were wonderful. But, despite our best efforts, were pretty pooped from the past few days and called it a relatively early night (11pm is like 8 when you are used to 2am!).


Oh beautiful Sunday. I turned off all of my alarms, we enjoyed a slow morning with a pot of coffee and eggs.

Phil and I pulled out our cookbooks, coupons and started a list for Thanksgiving dinner. We are cooking the whole meal for the first time and I am really looking forward to it!

We spent the late morning at the store and it was a complete success. I am completely ready for turkey day!

The rest of the day was spent mowing the lawn, cleaning, reading and cooking up a home-cooked meal. It was a much-needed quiet end to the weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you a thin, thick or deep dish pizza lover?

I like them all, it just depends what mood I am in. ūüôā