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What is Your Stylescope?

18 Feb

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. It is a blessing and curse all at once, as you other P’s in the world know.

A year and a half ago, Phil and I moved into our first home and set about working away at our projects, updates and improvements. It has been nothing short of the most fun I’ve ever had. No joke. Putting your time and effort into a home and seeing the results is so rewarding. And investing your efforts into such a special place with your sweetie is – for me – rewarding and fulfilling. And this comes from a girl who wanted to live in a condo her whole life to avoid yard work. šŸ˜‰

With a house comes decisions. Lots of decisions. And as a P / control freak, what can I say, I have taken the lead on most projects, which I love. But there is always the one hump you can’t get over.

Enter, my living room.

I have been trying to decorate/style/design this room for far too long with visions of Pinterest boards floating in my head I ultimately become overwhelmed and throw my hands up. And so it sits, with a couch, chair, tv – the bare necessities. Ugh.

Time to get a vision, a game plan. On Friday I met with my girlfriend who is getting married this fall and we were discussing her vision. We talked through her colors, her dress, the reception – all of the layers to the event. And then it hit me; if I can plan my dream wedding, I can take on this living room! What I need is a vision.


Why not a style quiz? Heck, Cosmo and Seventeen have helped us to determine our style, favorite candy, movie that best defines our life and even the type of man we will one day marry ā€“ why not our decorating style?

Pop over to HomeGoods and see what your stylescope reads.

In the mean time, you will find me buried in blogs, etsy, style books and the likeā€¦




Like a Kid Again

13 Feb

Last weekend, my brother came down to stay with us. He was in town for a conference and we were lucky enough to have him visit for a few days. Although Shane had to attend his conference on Friday and Saturday, we were able to spend a good amount of time visiting, chatting, and just relaxing.

On Thursday, we whipped up some of my becoming-famous Mexi-burgers (recipe to come). The boys gave them two thumbs up, which is a wild success considering they are lean turkey burgers.

I also won them over with my Sweet Chocolate Secret Cupcakes (SCSCs). Another recipe for another day…and yes, these were healthy too! Shaner even ate one as part of his breakfast on Saturday.


It was so awesome to have him come and hang out. I adore my siblings and love every minute I get to spend with them.

Shane got on the road Sunday afternoon to head back home to his wifey (they just celebrated their one month anniversary. Yay!).

Phil didn’t have any homework so we were trying to decide what to do with our day when I got a wicked-good idea; office makeover time! We’ve been planning away and last week I selected the paint color and furniture. So, we decided to tackle the project.

office2 office1

Hot mess…..

I went and picked up the paint while Phil cleaned and emptied out the room. He started painting and I headed out to run errands. Two hours later, I finally was home with a big haul.Ā groceries

And the room was done! I’m in love.


Since I was feelingĀ nostalgic, I made some homemade chicken fingers and roastedĀ asparagusĀ for dinner that we enjoyed during the Grammys.veggies chicken fingers

It was a great weekend with lots of fun, relaxing and exciting projects!


What Are You Grateful For?

25 Dec

As much as life has sucked so hard lately, I have to say I’m grateful that its around the holidays. Seriously, if this rediculousness was going down in January, I’d be in therapy every day.

But the holidays give us a chance to take a breath and enjoy the people we love and beauty around us. It’s a time to reflect on the year and get excited for a new leaf when the clock strikes 12.

I have to say, I am very blessed in so many ways. I’m married to my best friend and my pup brings me so much joy. I <;3 my boys.

I have a house. A house! I feel like such a grown up. But honestly, I finally understand the intense connection one has to a home; projects, taco nights in the kitchen, dancing in the back yard under the stars, planting and decorating. I'm slightly attached and certainly in love.

My health. Priceless. I'm so blessed to have a healthy, strong body. Recently, I have realized the importance of honoring your body through self respect, clean food and daily sweat sessions. I have every intention of doing what I can to stay healthy.

Family. In one week there will be a new addition to my family. My brother is getting married on the 29th and we are so excited for Nichole to be an official member if the Dilloway clan.

So many wonderful things to be thankful for.



Saturday My Way

22 Sep

Happy first day of fall! Hooray!

The weather has been glorious here in the Mitten state; low 70s during the day and cooler nights. The colors are starting to change and football now consumes our weekends. A new season has begun.

Do you ever have those weeks that are totally draining? That was my week. So when the alarm went off this am for spin, I hit the snooze and quickly waved the flag in defeat.

When my eyes finally opened a little later, I decided to creep downstairs, put on a pot of coffee and spend some time with my book. If you’ve been around here long enough, you know this is my favorite way to start the day.

Not too much longer Phil came downstairs and joined in. He’s finally starting to read the Hunger Games; one of my favorite series.

We made his an her eggs- omelette for him and protein pancake for me.


At 10am I headed to the gym for a 75 min vinyasa flow class followed by 30 min of cardio. The gym just replaced their stair masters so I wanted to take one for a spin. Super nice. I’ll take it’s picture next time.

When I arrived home, our contractor was already there and working. We need to replace our gutters and beams that support the roof over the porch. Things are well under way!



In other exciting news, Phil sold his second home/ rental property so we had to run to the bank before they closed at 2pm. I grabbed a chocolate zico and scooted off. Finally, we came home, I showered and we pulled together some chili for lunch while catching up on shows.

About one year ago we got hooked on Big Bang Theory. For the longest time I thought it was the dumbest show and refused to watch. But we were clicking around one night and started watching- I’m dead serious when I say this is one of the smartest and funniest shows on tv. We laugh out loud at least once an episode.

We also watched Up All Night and Glee. I’m loving Ms. Kate Hudson on the show.

And now we’re off. We have a date with some brews at Oktoberfest and need to pick up Peanut who has been with his grandma all week.


Catch ya on the flip side-


When Rulers Fail

11 Sep

Hello party people. Hope you are all back up and rockin your week. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was ok, I guess I should say, not what I expected.

It was a stay at home weekend with your typical schedule; clean, gym, errands, social outings and to-dos around the house. Last weekend before heading to the cottage, we decided to pull the trigger and purchase new appliances for our kitchen. Hooray!

We had a crazy evening Friday prepping the kitchen for the big delivery on Saturday and hanging on the couch with a few good flicks.

My husband decided we should also do a photo-shoot with our old appliaces. So, no, we are not really cooking, everything you see here is staged. Yes, again, we are super cool.

Saturday was a typical day, however, we had our friends stop over for a bit, which was fun. <Side bar, I love having random drop-ins at our house.>

And then we go the call ā€“ they were on their way. Our friends caught the whiff of work coming soon, so they peaced out as the truck pulled up. Perfect timing.

The delivery guys were amaze, however, they told us that they were unable to remove our fridge. Oh, awesome.

We decided to deal with it later, finished unloaded and before we knew it, we had four new appliances sitting in the middle of our kitchen. Yea, my pro of a husband was saving us a few buck-a-roos and was doing the work on his own.

First up: the fridge. We moved the old one to the side and started working. Ummm, doesnā€™t fit by .25ā€. So, bye-bye wall. Nothing like a little demolition.

Next up was the dishwasher. Oh, they didnā€™t give us a part we needed. Ok, off to the HD for the fourth time (and counting).

OK, stove time. Wummp, wummp, this one didnā€™t fit either. No, I am not kidding.

You see, our old appliances were installed with the house (34 years ago) and were custom. that means, everything fit snug as a bug and was done to the ut-most perfection. Good for them, bad for us.

By making your appliances custom, there is typically a nice ā€˜lipā€™ that goes around said appliances throwing off the measurements. Live and learn. So, two of our appliances were literally a hair too large for the space. Ugh.

By the end of the weekend, we had one melt down, seven trips to Home Depot, one functioning dishwasher, two functioning refrigerators, a stove that functions but is in the middle of my kitchen and an old microwave. At least the help is cute šŸ™‚

Needless to say, my trips to the gym were much needed by myself and my husband (an hour of peace and quiet).

If there is one thing I have learned through house projects it is to expect the unexpected. I am sure we will look back one day and laugh. Of course, that day will come after my stove is out of the middle of the room.




Decisions, decisions

8 Sep

Morning! It’s a beautiful day here in southeast Michigan- cool, crisp and sunny. Perfection. I started my day nice and slow with my new read and feeding my addiction.


I immediately took my bootay to the couch and snuggled under my blanket. After a crazy week at work and surgery, I needed a quiet moment to myself.

Oh, I’m sorry did I forget to mention my emergency root canal? Yea, that happened. I was experiencing pain last weekend at the cottage and final hit my pain threshold on Sunday night. We called my fabulous dentist (at 10pm) who said he’d see me first thing Tuesday morning. After a quick x-ray I was told to drive over to a specialist for an emergency root canal.

I spent the afternoon in and out of consciousness thanks to some nice pain meds. Ouch. :/

The rest of the week has been touch and go between the pain and living off soups and smoothies- I’ve been laying low.

And you’re welcome for sparing you my frozen face pictures. Not cute.

Last night I tried to take on shredded chicken, which was an epic fail and ended up reverting back to beans and eggs. Fingers crosses for today.

With being out of wack, my workouts have been on a similar schedule. Basically non existent. I managed a run before my surgery on Tuesday and some cross training yesterday. I’m currently debating if anything will happen today. TBD. My mind says yes, but my body says no. God my life is hard.

A few other to dos; a much needed mani- pedi, walk with Henry, clean my ride and prep for the arrival of our new appliances!!

While I cannot wait for the new goodies, I’m not looking forward to the chaos and mess that is sure to ensue since my husband has said he can do this all on his own.

Here’s a before picture of our 34 year old appliances.




Please excuse the chairs in the front room. We have anxiety and started clearing the decks last night.

Until I decide if a workout, or anything productive is going to happen today, I’m going to continue snuggling.

Update- I just found a marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project – sold.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!


Sunny Skies are Meant for Lazy Days

9 Jul

The weekend was a crazy one and to be honest, Sunday felt like a bonus day since I had already done so much:

I decided to take Sunday to rest and tackle some to-dos around the house including a lazy morning in bed, playing with Henry, a big breakfast and light cleaning. Phil had to hit the books so I decided to get put ofĀ his hair and run some errands.

When I returned home I immediately set up an appetizer spread while Phil set up our new umbrella! I found this beauty at PBO for a steal – I love the color, too.Ā 

We ate, drank and enjoyed the weather, which has finally cooled down enough to enjoy.

After dinner we set out on a walk.

The night wrapped snuggled on the couch watching 21 Jump Street that is hilarious.

Have you ever seen 21 Jump Street? What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?



Black Beans, Spins and Watermelon Grins

6 Jul

TGIF! We made it….although it almost feels like the second Friday of the week. No complaints here!

It has been fairly quiet around the office this week, so the last men womenĀ standing decided to head out to lunch. I went with Cheryl, Rebecca and Jordana over to Eastern Market area for the always delicious Russel Street Deli.

I ordered the home-made black bean soup that was out of this world along with a side salad.

20120705-232025.jpgThe temps are soaring here in the Mitten, we have been under a heat advisory for over a day. When I arrived home, I went straight to the good stuff.

20120705-232048.jpgPhil had some contractors lined up to price out a job we need on our house, so I decided to make the most of my time and get in a workout. Since the weather was making working out outside a non-option, I had no choice but to head to the gym. Before I left, I checked the schedule and saw there was a spin class that was going to start when I was planning to go. It has been a long, long time since I took a class so I was nervous and excited – I was hoping I still knew what to do!

The class turned out fantastic! The instructor had great energy and a rockin’ playlist (two of my mustĀ for a good class). And the third requirement? Leaving a schwety mess.


I know, this is getting out of control, me posting all these smokinĀ hot pics of me on this blog. I’ll try to tone it down. Seriously, this picture captures it all – happy for such a great workout.

After a shower and dinner, Phil and I went to our staple store (HD) to pick up more goods. We are starting another house project very soon!!


I hope to have some ‘after’ pictures soon!

Happy Friday!



Black, White and Friends

27 Jun

Last weekend, we had such a great time celebrating our friends’ upcoming nuptials!

After a glorious nine hours of much-needed sleep Friday night, I finally rolled out of bed. The night before was a bit restless with all of the people and dogs, so I was grateful for a quiet night.

We started the coffee pot while my mom ran to grab some of our favorite bagels. Breakfast was casual because we had to get moving – we had a big day of plans.

Around noon weĀ arrived atĀ our dear friend’s house for our other friend’s (her sister’s) bridal shower. Katie K and Claire have been friends with my sister and me for years- we’re all a big extended family.

Katie’s wedding is red, black and white and her shower was decorated in the same decor. It was beautiful.

We enjoyed some amazing food, sangria and sweets.Mom K, the bride-to-be and her sister Claire.

Then came the games; both my sister Lindsay and Katie A were winners!!

Katie K had a beautiful shower and received great gifts.

It was so fun to be with my Marina Girls again.

Lindsay, Claire, Katie K, Katie A and me.

While we were showering, the boys headed out to the greens. They came back around dinner and the party started up again for round two – BBQ! Mike and Kevin manning the grill.

The whole day was so much fun – we relaxed, ate, drank, played games and just enjoyed the great company. I am so excited for the wedding in a few weeks!

Saturday was a long day, so we took it slow on Sunday. While the guys hit up the driving range, the ladies headed to lunch.


Someone is getting big!

Hanging out by the fan, working it like a model.Ā 

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing until it was time for our visitors to leave.

We had such a great weekend with our friends and family.

What is your favorite item to bring to a BBQ? Or, what is your favorite thing to eat?



Blue Skies and Chili Dogs

22 Jun

Yesterday I wrapped up in Chicago and said my goodbyes.

I was home for about an hour before the first wave of visitors showed up; my sister and her family from Chicago! It was awesome because I just saw them yesterday morning.
We spent time playing and catching up. Phil and Natalie also practiced their drumming skills.


An hour later rounds two and three of visitors showed up and we were rocking and rolling; eight people, four dogs and one baby. Whoa. I have a FULL house this weekend!

I started this morning at the gym- I was ready to have a little quiet time. We had my grandma’s burial ceremony today down state so we all headed out for the day.

The service was beautiful and we were able to round out our trip at a family staple; Monroe Chili Dog.

My mom grew up in Monroe and would frequent the drive-in and then we would always go when went would visit. There is a total science to this place. All three of us Dilloway kids were ready to go – and, this would be Phil’s first experience.

Everyone placed their order (you can only order hotdogs and root beer) and we dug in. Yum!!






Now that we are all full and happy, we’re heading back to our house to kick back and relax.

do you have a restaurant or place you always go from your childhood?

It’s the weekend, yay!!