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Sandy Comes to the Mitten

30 Oct

Good morning!

I hope everyone is staying safe and dry! Sandy is bringing in some serious business with her. I woke up a few times through the night as the wind howled through the house. Henry was not a fan.

Some how I pulled myself out of bed and made it to the gym (all the while being pelted with hail) for a few miles on the treadmill. It was a good run; steady with a few pick-ups along the way. I had to cut it short since I had squeezed every minute I could under the sheets cutting my workout about 15 minutes shorter than I would have liked. But I went and that is something to be proud of.

When I returned home I quickly showered while my protein pancake was cooking away on the stove. I have found that a half a banana, two egg whites and a splash of almond milk over low heat is the winning combo. Just mash it all up, spray your skillet and turn the stove top to the lowest setting. Let the magic happen.

I start my breakfast and then shower, come back, flip, prep my lunch and then the ‘cake is ready for consumption.

Today’s was enjoyed with a sprinkle of cinnamon and fresh raspberries.

OK, I’m off for a full morning before heading to the airport around lunch for a work trip.

I’m not stoked to be missing Halloween, but at least my final destination is heading away from the storm and is forecasted to have 80 degree temps!

Hope you have a great one.




National Running Day

6 Jun

Happy National Running Day! Isn’t this cute? You can get your own over at and customize the message.

It is so exciting to celebrate this day just weeks after the biggest accomplishment in my running career.

Running is such a great workout; the caloric burn, stress relief and mental refresh that a run can have is hard to believe. But, I think that any healthy lifestyle is one to celebrate! Not all of us are runners, and that is ok. Celebrate a healthy choice you made today. Or maybe go for that run. Either way, you are doing your body good – love that!

Here are 10 Great Ways to Celebrate National Running Day:

  • Declare your passion – People run for millions of reasons, and we want to know yours! Head to and let the nation know why you run, be it raising money for charity, keeping your waistline in check, or getting to that bagel at the 5K finish line.
  • Bring a “runway” to work – Swap your loafers and heels for sneakers and you’ll be dressed to the nines for National Running Day. Your feet will thank you for it, and it will be that much easier to step out for a short jog during lunch or on your way home from work.
  • Morph your friends into running fiends – Friends don’t let friends just walk on National Running Day! Invite a pal or two—the more the merrier—to hit the road with you. They’ll be hooked in no time!
  • Change Happy Hour to Running Hour – Shake things up by adding a run to your post-work plans. Head out at 5:00 p.m. with some co-workers and relax over miles instead of cocktails.
  • Strike new ground – Seize the day and take the road you’ve never traveled. Who knows? You might find a new favorite running path to spice up your summer.
  • Give the gift of running – Donate to organizations that use running to make a difference in people’s lives, like Back on my Feet or Achilles International.
  • Make running run in the family – They have your eyes, but what about your endurance? Leave the bikes and baseball bats in the garage and run around the neighborhood with the kids. Keep things interesting with a short race to see who is the fastest.
  • Choose a running resolution – Kick off a new fitness goal on National Running Day. It can be anything, including adding five minutes to your next run, running a new distance, or signing up for a road race.
  • Take advantage of the great outdoors – Running outside beats spending all your time on the treadmill. Step out the front door and away from the gym to take in a bit of nature during your afternoon run.
  • Treat yourself like a champion – Set yourself up for success by indulging in your favorite post-run snack, sporting your lucky t-shirt, or helping your feet to a new pair of sneakers.

And last, but not least – you can get out there and run!The people over at Rock N’ Roll Marathons are giving a discount today – $20 off your entrance fee! Nice. Of course, I am already signed up (where was the discount a few months ago, peeps? I kid.) but maybe I’ll take on another.

What are you doing to celebrate the day?



Restaurant Repeat

29 May

Yesterday morning after my nice long walk, I made some breakfast an sat down with the family to watch Hugo. I have been really interested in actually seeing this film base on its awards and recognition.

I thought it was interesting; definitely different than I though. Have you seen it?

We pulled ourselves together and headed downtown for lunch. Although there are some great eats in TC, we ended up back at Amical!

The meal wrapped with a few of their amazing desserts;  carrot cake, key lime pie (the best!) and raspberry creme brulle.



After we had our sugar buzz on, we did some shopping and headed down to the marina to see Shane and say goodbye.

We headed home in the early evening and were lucky enough to have clear roads.

The weekend was awesome, I can hardly believe I ran my first marathon! And my amazing husband surprised me with a pair of diamond earrings as a congratulations. He totally took me off guard and said some sweet words before setting a beautiful purple bag down. I feel so lucky to have so much support from my husband, family, friends and all of my Twitter friends. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Happy Memorial Day

27 May

Good morning and happy Memorial Day!

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. — Thomas Jefferson

Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing weekend. Yesterday, I woke up a bit stiff after the half. I did some light stretching, popped a few aspirin and headed out to breakfast with the family.

We met Shane and Nichole downtown at Amical, a delicious french bistro that serves Sunday brunch.Although it was technically still morning, I went straight to to lunch opting for the blackened salmon caesar salad.We also kicked off the day with some mimosas 😉After lunch we headed over to Running Fit to look at pictures from the race. They post up hundreds of pictures of runners and you have to scan them all to find one of yourself, if you’re lucky. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one of any of the three of us. Bummer. The skies started to turn so we said good-bye and headed home.

The afternoon was filled with lots of R&R.20120527-230450.jpg

After a lazy afternoon, we fired up the grill for dinner and decided to follow-up with a TC staple- a trip to Bardon’s!20120527-230523.jpg

20120527-230536.jpgBardon’s is a hometown favorite. The ice cream shop has been in business longer than I have been around – it is on the corner of downtown so it is always busy. After softball games, on hot nights, or just meeting up with friends in highschool, I have been here more than I can count growing up. And since the shop is seasonal, it always feels like the official start of summer on the first trip to Bardon’s.

The dogs came with us too and each got a baby puppy cone. 🙂20120527-230548.jpg


20120527-230611.jpgHey guy, you have something on your nose.


It was a nice lazy day, just what my body needed.

This morning I woke up and decided it was time to start moving my legs around and work out some stiffness. I rocked my new tee and went on a long walk along the water. The weather is finally turning so we are going to soak it up before heading back down state this afternoon.

Hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day!



Race Recap: My First Half Marathon

27 May

A tale of my trip to the start line.

About seven years ago I met my best friend. We were inseparable from the start – truly two peas in a pod. When our first New Years rolled around, we resolved to start running and sign up for a race. She is a former competitive soccer player and me a collegiate figure skater. We both have a bit of a competitive spirit. 😉

We ran together after work for three months and then ran our first race together finishing side by side. Image

Thanks to new jobs, relocating and busy schedules, we stayed friends but lost our nightly runs. 

Katie has always been a runner while I have been touch and go. However, last year my passion for running came back strong and I completed a 5K, two 10Ks and a 10-miler. So this year, I was ready to take on my first half marathon – and yes, Katie would be running by my side once again.

The Bayshore is a very popular race as it guides the runners along the bay in Traverse City, MI. The views are stunning, rounding the corner to the sun rising over the water is something that doesn’t leave your memory anytime soon. 

I did a decent amount of training for this race and felt ready mileage-wise, but I was very nervous for the race. I was so, so lucky to have my best, her boyfriend and our other friend all running with me.

On Friday night, we rolled into town and headed over to the expo to check in.

Mom and dad whipped up the perfect pre-run dinner to help me fuel for the big day. I got myself organized and headed to bed.

Race Morning

Katie and Chad came over to our house bright and early and Phil drove us over to the drop off-point just before 6am. The half-marathoners are bussed out to the end of the peninsula and then run back.

The line to board wasn’t bad and I planned to drink my very small iced coffee and pb & nanner toast on the way out. The food worked well and I felt great. We arrived to the start point, immediately got in line for the blue fridges to beat the rush and then had 30 min that we used to do some shake outs and prep before the run.

At 7:25 we lined up, sang the National Anthem and we were off!! It was such a rush! 

This was Katie’s fourth half, so she was a great resource and strength to have with me. We ran the first mile at 9:36, which was great considering all of the ducking and weaving. Once we pulled away from some of the group, we locked in at a 9:20 pace and by mile 4 were down to a 9:10 pace. It felt good.

The fist six miles were pure joy – everything was going right; I felt strong, my food had plenty of time to digest, the pace was great and the view was amazing. 

At mile five, we had our first cheerleading squad sighting.

My mom, dad and husband were up and at ’em cheering us along! It was so awesome and literally brought tears to my eyes. To have that support (at the crack of dawn no less) means so much.

Can you see us waving?!

Chad speeding by.

Miles 7 and 8 were fairly uneventful. And then about halfway though 8 I felt my legs start to tighten. It was something I had never experiences, but I pushed through turning on my music to distract my mind.

At mile 10 we had another cheerleader sighting, this time my brother and his fiance were there, too! I was D_O_N_E at this point, I wanted to stop and walk for a second (we ran the entire race), but Katie shared some encouraging words and said it hurt her too, but this pain is what we worked for, no time to stop. It was just what I needed. I made it through mile 11 and onto 12 where I finally hit my wall. My legs were done and I was not sure what to do. I told Katie to keep going and I stopped to take a deep breath. Every part of my body hurt and told me to stop, but I knew I was crossing that finish line one way or another.

I took a breath, looked forward and told myself, “Go Brynn, just go.” I finished the last 1.1 miles with pain and tears in my eyes, I was about to accomplish one of the most challenging goals.

I crossed at 1:59:47, (57/188 for Females 25-29), pace of 9:16.

A sub 2-hr finish, I could hardly believe it. 🙂

I gathered my water and medal and immediately went to refuel. It took about 30 min, water and some chocolate milk for me to feel better; I don’t think I took in enough liquid on the course. 

All of my supporters came over to give me a big sweaty hug and capture my big moment!

Top to bottom: Shane and his fiance, Nichole made the sweetest sign, the three halfsies, me and my other half, all of my crazy family who love me enough to cheer like mad on the side of the road at the crack of dawn. 🙂

I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal. It certainly was not easy before, during, or now after. There has been blood, sweat and tears, but it was totally worth it. I can now say I ran a half marathon.

But I couldn’t have crossed the finish line without all of the love and support of my friends, family and husband. Somehow Phil understood my need to wake up early on Saturdays and disappear for hours, get in my speed play at 6am or to scoot off at night to get in a few miles after work. My complaining, worrying and even moments of pure joy when I met my goals, he stood by me through all of it. He is my biggest cheerleader. Even to the bitter end driving me to the race at 5am and calculating where I would be through the route to see me as much as possible. I am a lucky girl.

Thank you, everyone.



It’s Official…

26 May

I ran my first half marathon!!


Full recap to come soon. For now, it’s time to celebrate!

The Butterflies are Here

24 May

Guess what?

I have a half-day of work and then I am heading north for my first half marathon and holiday weekend!! Whoo hoo!

The butterflies have been out in full force this week. I have been working to manage them, tapering my training and staying hydrated for the big day.

While I was perusing some running reads, I came upon a blog on Lulu that focused on the five best post-run stretches to help your blood flow, muscles and balance restore sooner.

Do you have any post-run tricks/rituals?

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

Once Phil gets home, we are on the road! Hope you have a great one.



What I’m Loving Wednesday

23 May

It has been a while since I did a WILW post, so lets bring it back!

First up, new favorite tv shows:

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23

If you aren’t watching this show, shame on you. The banter between the “B” and her new roommate June is impeccable. Add in James Van der Beek who plays, well, himself in the most hilarious roll,  you seriously cannot miss this show.


Is anyone else on this suspense/drama bandwagon? Thanks to my sister who recommended, I am 100% hooked. The story line takes just enough twists and turns to keep you engaged, but is not so far-fetched that you believe this could actually be happening in the Hamptons right now. Love.

The Bachelorette

What can I say, I’m hooked. After fighting this for years, I got sucked in at the finale of last season’s Bachelor and thanks to a business trip that left me in a hotel room on a Monday night, I tuned in and I fear will be here for the long haul.

Next, coconut water.

Ummm. yum! This water is phenom and I am loving how good it tastes and the benefits it brings. Perfect for the week before my first half-marry!


This peanut. I mean, come on. This picture kills me, it was taken during her visit two weeks ago and it always makes me smile. Sometimes you just have to rock the tutu.


Half-marathon time!

Watching this go from week 10 down to zero. (Obviously an old picture.) I AM RUNNING MY FIRST HALF IN THREE DAYS! Not that I amalways loving the training but I am darn proud of myself and know I will be even more so when I cross that finish line. I even purchased a new outfit.



That’s right, it’s that time of year again. I know there is this ‘rule’ about waiting until post-holiday. But I am breaking the rule left and right – rocking my while blazer at work and white jeans any time I can. Hey, if it feels like summer, go with it! 😉


What are you loving?



Never Underestimate

5 May

…….your goals.

……..your determination.

………your inner strength.

……..the power of a good song.


12 miles, longest distance EVER!!

Lucky Strike

2 May

Last weekend, we were back in the swing of things post-road trip.

I started out Saturday with my long run that went really well. I felt strong and even had a brief moment when I debated tacking on another mile, but thought better of it. The last thing I need is an injury! So, I stuck to the training plan’s recommended 10 miles.

Post sweat, I headed home to clean up and refuel before heading out to meet up with some of my favorite gals. I had a coffee date with Katie and Claire, two of the marina girls who are nothing short of a great time. Katie is getting married in July so we spent a decent amount of time ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘awe-ing’ over her dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and other big day details.

My legs were starting to bother me and I just enough time to catch a quick nap before our evening plans. As a side note, this is the first time I have experienced any post-run pain. I think I was pushing it too hard and needed to give my body time to reset from the run. But if there are any smarty-pants out there who have insight, please share.

We headed out to Lucky Strike, a local restaurant/game/bowling/pool/club (it really is a jack of all trades, huh?) to celebrate Kate’s birthday!

I am not great at bowling, but really love it. And this time I had two major milestones; not one gutter ball and I broke 100!! Look out. Next thing you know I’ll have my own ball and glove.

I spent a significant part of the evening at the Skee Ball machine, my favorite game.

We had a great time acting like kids. Who doesn’t love smacking ground hogs and winning cheap prizes?! 🙂

Sunday was filled with pancakes, yoga, naps and yard work. We tried our best to relax after a packed Saturday.

It was a great weekend that was a perfect balance – my favorite kind!