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Just Go With It

29 Jun

Just go with it.

Be spontaneous – good things can happen.

Ditch your planned dinner at home for a bike ride to a new restaurant.

Kick back and enjoy the company.

Eat some ice cream…




The Windy City

21 Jun

Hello from the Windy City! I am only here for 24-ish hrs, but that’s ok because I am ready to make the most of it!

I flew into Chicago on Wednesday in the 90 degree weather. It was not great timing to arrive at 4pm. We spent a solid hour sitting in grid-lock traffic with a cabbie that didn’t seem to have AC.

But once we got moving, I got myself settled for work and headed over to my favorite place.


My sister, brother-in-law and neice Natalie live in Chicago and I had big plans to visit for the evening! I can hardly believe I haven’t been back since Natalie was born in September!

Hard to see, but her shirt say, “I love my auntie.” Ah! Break my heart. 🙂


We played, ate (we’re onto Cheerios), talked (seriously, this child said some of her first words yesterday) and I saw that she actually doesn’t hate the bath – despite what we saw when she visited our house last month. 🙂

After Natalie hit the hay, the three of us sat outside on their cute porch to visit over a few glasses of wine. It was such an amazing trip – I adore Natalie and Linds is by far my favorite person to talk to and hang out with. Thanks again to the Sheridans for the hospitality!!

I was up and out the door early this morning for my work event.


But, my time is almost up and then I head back to the Mitten.

Luckily it won’t be long before I see everyone again – my family is coming tonight to stay for the weekend. We have six people, three dogs and a baby coming to stay…whoa! Should be a good time!

Catch you all back in the Eastern Time Zone.




18 Jun

I’m so tired. My mind is racing. I can’t sleep. Send help.


Sunday Ritual

11 Jun

Are you a creature of habit? I find that I tend to repeat the same actions without even being aware I’m doing it.

When I’m home on a Sunday, I tend to fall into a routine that I never realized until last night.

So, what does my day look like? It is a back and forth of balance and productivity. I tend to do as much as I can to prep and get a leg up;

-chopping and dicing for meals during the week.

-laundry, including hand-washing my sports gear. Most goes in the wash, but I end up with a pile that I use sports detergent to wash by hand.
-a trip to the bucks. For some reason Sunday usually includes an outing including picking up the Sunday paper.
-prep for Monday! I set out my gym clothes and think about what I am going to wear. Dead serious. This can save me up to 20 min in the morning if I know what I’m rocking the next day.

-a nice dinner and walk with the boys.
-relaxing on the couch, which always includes some play time.


I am a late person…all the time. It’s really bad, so whenever I knock a few to-dos off my list an get ahead of the game, I always hope that it will get me where I need to be at least a little closer to when I should be there.

What’s your ritual? What’s your best time-saving tip?


Black and Yellow

7 Jun

TGITh! It’s one of those weeks where I am feeling every minute of every day. Is it over yet?! Ugh. So, I am taking the glass half-full approach it’s Thursday, which means its almost Friday. I think short weeks (last week) make the next long week unbelievably painful. Anyone else?

After suffering through the day (did I mention I’m trying to cut out most pop from my diet?) I was ready to collapse when I got home.

Since I knew Phil had a community meeting, we didn’t plan anything special for dinner, but I still wound up having a little something yummy.

For Easter, my MIL answered my prayers an got me a panini maker!!! I had yet to bust it out and decided to whip up a quick, warm meal – a BLT-AT…bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and turkey sandwich.

Everything came together quick and easy- just what we needed.

After Phil took off, I took care o the dishes and a few to-dos around the house. I was about to head out to run errands but then I decided that I needed to listen to my body and rest. The night was spent relaxing and catching up with the RHWOC annnnd, the return o the ladies from NY.

Did anyone else catch this week’s episode? Its odd to not see the standards (Jill, Alex and Kelly), but these new girls seem equally interesting and catty, so I’m hooked again.

The rest last night seemed to do the trick. I woke up extra early for a run outside. Since it was still dark out, I decided to rock my favorite ‘notice me’ outfit. Thanks to Shane and Nichole for keeping me looking food and safe out on the road!!


It looks like an amazing day- the weather is supposed to hit 80!! Yes, bring it, summer.


A Housiversary

2 Jun

Happy Saturday, everyone! It is the weeeeeekend! <doing my own dance party>

I am so pumped for this weekend, more than usual and I kept thinking to myself, “what is so different about this weekend?” Can you guess? That’s right, no long run! The half-mary is behind me and I fully intend to enjoy this Saturday morning sans alarm clock for the first time in months.

It is almost sad how excited I am. Did I dread training that much? No. Did it inconvenience me that much? No. So, what is with the excitement? Maybe it is knowing that those months of training paid off and I completed one of my life goals.

We had plans to be out of town this weekend, but I begged Phil to reschedule so we could stay home; between my travel and his and our busy lives, I need some R&R in my own home. Do you ever feel that way, where you just want to be around your own things. So, we adjusted and are staying home.

Maybe part of my urge comes from a very exciting time that has come around – one year ago we moved into our house!!

I can hardly believe it has been that long, the time has flown by. It was exactly one year ago that we signed our papers the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, had a celebration lunch and then drove up to Traverse City for the Bayshore (I ran the 10k last year). The following weekend we moved into our beloved home.

And now here we are again, but this year with a half under my belt, so many amazing memories, updates and projects have happened. We have celebrated birthdays, promotions, holidays have had visitors, friends, family fill our home, met our wonderful neighbors and really have become part of the community. I love our house (seriously, I want to give it a hug). It has brought me a sense of peace – I feel grounded. I have a place to focus my energy, it is a warm home that has a ‘door always open’ policy, a home filled with laughter and dreams.

With our third anniversary arround the corner and our first house anniversary upon us, this Saturday I am taking in the goodness that is in my life. The goodness that is my life.



Kick Up Your Heels

1 Jun

Bring it, Friday.

Have a great one!



Restaurant Repeat

29 May

Yesterday morning after my nice long walk, I made some breakfast an sat down with the family to watch Hugo. I have been really interested in actually seeing this film base on its awards and recognition.

I thought it was interesting; definitely different than I though. Have you seen it?

We pulled ourselves together and headed downtown for lunch. Although there are some great eats in TC, we ended up back at Amical!

The meal wrapped with a few of their amazing desserts;  carrot cake, key lime pie (the best!) and raspberry creme brulle.



After we had our sugar buzz on, we did some shopping and headed down to the marina to see Shane and say goodbye.

We headed home in the early evening and were lucky enough to have clear roads.

The weekend was awesome, I can hardly believe I ran my first marathon! And my amazing husband surprised me with a pair of diamond earrings as a congratulations. He totally took me off guard and said some sweet words before setting a beautiful purple bag down. I feel so lucky to have so much support from my husband, family, friends and all of my Twitter friends. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Bean Town Bound

8 May

Hello from Boston!

I am traveling all across the US for the next two weeks for work, lots going on.

On Monday morning, I caught a flight to Boston for an event at MIT.

The morning was a bit hectic thanks to some nasty storms and road construction, but I made my flight and met my team safe and sound.

We stayed at the Marriott Cambridge that was just a few minutes from campus. The hotel was very nice, it looked as though they recently had renovated. And my room was phenomenal! I was on the 16th floor in a corner room giving me an awesome view of the water!

After spending the afternoon at MIT, we headed out to Island Oyster Bar – possibly the best seafood restaurant in Boston. The professor we were visiting knew the owner and we were treated to some great food and drinks.

(PS, these pics are all messed up – but WP is being a B, so we are dealing with it.) I tried my first oyster (and liked it!) and enjoyed lavendar-filled donuts with raspberry sauce. Yum!

On Tuesday, I was off to New Orleans with a layover in Atlanta. My flight was at an akward time, so I landed at 2:30 starving for lunch and only 60 min to catch my connecting flight, it was tight. But, I lucked out and find this amazing place located right next to my terminal!

I grabbed some salad and was off to New Orleans!


I Need a Sign…

21 Apr

To let me know you’re here

I want a reason for the way things have to be
I need a hand to help build up some kind of hope inside of me

Im calling all you angels