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Online Manners?

8 Dec

Recently, the internet has become a space that people are turning to to voice their opinion, share passions and interests and connect with others around the world. Unfortunatley, it seems as though Emily Post was not invited to the log in. As wonderful as the internet can be, it is a fairly unregulated space allowing for everyone and anyone to find a voice – good or bad. We have always heard about inappropriate images being posted, viewed and sent around. But now there is a new danger online – being mean. I know this sounds silly, but the extent that some people go to is hard to believe some times. From cyber bullying leading to suicide to slander to insults, etiquette seems to be lost.

One of the saddest parts is that online names, pages and personalities seem to provide a safe space for bullies to come out in full force possibly going further than if you were speaking face to face. But isn’t that always the case? I know that at work I can have a conversation with a co-worker and then receive an e-mail from them that sounds almost demanding when the conversation was far from that. Being able to ‘hide’ behind the keyboard gives some a strength that can turn out to be dangerous.

In an article by Tech World, they discuss just this idea; do we need to teach etiquette in school about online conduct? I support this idea, while it may seem odd, the web is here to stay and if providing guidelines and standards could save one more person from an insult or even worse, then I am all for it.

What do you think?