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Just Another Manic M…Tuesday?!

10 Aug


Howdy, howdy,

Last night ended up being a blur so I’ll catch you up here.  I am gearing up to return to the work force and leave my freelancing lifestyle behind which equals some serious planning, organizing and prepping.  As you will come to see, I am ALL about planning.  My new position is super awesome, however, it comes with an hour and a half drive each way…wowza.  One of my biggest concerns/stresses is my little peanut, Henry.  He will have some long stretches so I decided to look into a daily dog walker.  We had our meeting last night with a great great company and met the person who will be taking care of Henry.  They are super nice and after an hour of talking, getting to know each other and walking through a routine, we are all set to start next week!  Phew…what a load off.  My stress level is through the roof right now and I could feel myself relax just a bit once that was behind us.

Right after the meeting I ran to my staple Monday night Fitness Yoga class with my bestie (pictured enjoying another one of our favorite things).  We’ve been attending for over two years, it is truly that good.  Recently, the instructor changed up her class a bit and with the added 85 degrees, you sure do get a great work out.  I LOVE that class. 

For some reason when I got home I was anything but hungry….very odd since I don’t get home until 10pm and don’t eat before hand.  Maybe it’s the stress.  So, I decided to try my first Green Monster!  It was gooo-oood.  I added some strawberries, blueberries and a frozen naner along with a cup of fresh spinach.  I liked the light dinner and provided the nutrients I needed to replenish.

OK- we all still here?! 🙂 I started this day off in one of my favorite ways ever; with a cup of coffee and magazine/book.  I love easing into the day, it reminds me of a weekend rather than running out the house like a crazy person.  The spin class I decided to take was not until 9:30 which is a hard time for me; to eat or not to eat before hand, that is the question.  I decided on a bowl of cereal since I was up two hours before class I knew I’d never make it.  Before class I hit up Target for some knickknacks, my sister and friend are having a joint birthday party this weekend and I have a long to-do list.  Then it was time to spin! I arrived to class 15 min before start time and there were no bikes left.  I’m not kidding.  People act like this class is their crack…it’s always packed to the gills and people are turned away for lack of space every week.  Luckily, a lady saw me looking and let me know her friend couldn’t come and I could have the bike – SCORE!!

After a very hard sweaty hour, I feel great!  The play list was OOC today, Amy really got us into it and you could feel the class responding and moving together…one of those great spins.  Now I’m off, time to shower, eat some lunch and knock more off the to-do before meeting the hubs at the travel agents this afternoon. 

Question: when you don’t feel like going to the gym what do you do?  Push through, not go, or try to tell yourself, “just 10 min.?”  I am all or nothing.  Either I tell myself to suck it up or I just say I’m not going and stick to it.  No wishy-washy with this girl 😉