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On Our Way

24 Dec

After weeks of prepping, shopping, wrapping, baking and packing we made it to Christmas Eve! I’m so excited for the next few days of family time. And when I say family time, I mean four whole days with my favorites!!

But let me back up. I am a bit of a workout lover. I really enjoy being active every day. Despite the fact that it’s a holiday, I jumped out of bed and headed to spin class with a new instructor. This always makes me nervous. In my opinion two things make or break a class; music and the instructor. But to my delight one of my favorite yoga instructors was teaching and her music ranged from Transiberian Orchestra to Wham to Poisin. Yes please!! I left a hot, sweaty mess- love it. I quick headed home to get the day started.

We are spending today with PG’s family including church and Christmas Eve dinner and then gifts with his mom. But in the mornng we are hitting the road again and will be headed to my home!!

I am so excited, this will be the first time in way too long that the three of us kids will be together. My older sister and younger brother are two of my best friends- we have such a blast together. My sister’s husband (his name is Phil, too. Yes, it’s very odd that my sis and I both married Phils- what are the odds?!) is such a character, love him. Once the five of us get together (plus the two Phils) there’s no telling what will happen!

I hope everyone is having a very happy, relaxing and safe holiday.