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Cheers to Good Health, Friends and Oberon.

8 Aug

After my run on Saturday am, I was tired. Phil and I headed home for some lunch, showers and naps. But, of course, as soon as I went to lay down, I was wide awake. Figures. I rested for a few hours before getting up and ready for our friend’s wedding.  Actually, it was the second reception as they were married in London last weekend (that is where she is from) and they had a reception back in the states for the people who could not attend.

Joe (the groom) went to college with Phil and was in the same fraternity. I was really excited to see the happy couple, but was equally excited that the reception was at my alma mater, Michigan State! Also, I knew that I was in for a good time when I heard that lots of guys from the frat would be at the reception.

The reception was held at the Horticultural Gardens. The setting was beautiful with flowers everywhere you turned.

I was so hungry and ready for some eats when we stepped outside to the dinning area to find Mongolian Barbeque! Yes! I am a super picky/strange eater and was ready to eat, so when I found out I got to make my own dinner I about jumped for joy.

We spent most of the night chatting away with Phil’s college buddies drinking like we were still that age. It was really fun to spend time with the people Phil went to school with as we didn’t know eachother until after school.

And then the dancing started. And the crowd serfing with the groom.

Singing of frat chants.

And more good times.

Two years and four days later and still in love.

We had a great evening. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so relaxed. Lots of Oberon, laughs and memories.

Sunday we finally slept. Thank goodness. Gosh it feels good to sleep in. I believe that Sundays are made for sleeping in, big breakfasts, yoga and barbeques. Well, at least that is what my day consisted of and it was pretty darn fantastic.

Following some whole wheat waffles and watermelon, I took off to yoga. I was excited for the class as I haven’t been in over a week and yoga feels so, so good. And the class did not disappoint. My favorite instructor was teaching and in combination with her tough moves, she cranked the heat to 95 degrees. I certainly got my sweat on!

I ran home after class to clean up because we had visitors! My bestie is doing much better (thank you everyone for the kind words and prayers). Following five days in the hospital, she has been home resting and yesterday she came over with her boyfriend to visit.

We headed to downtown Northville for the first Buy Michigan festival. Local vendors came from all over the state and I was excited to check out the goods.

Henry made friends.

We did some sampling.

Chad and Henry checking out chips from my home town, Traverse City, MI!

After an a few hours we took all of our goods back to the house and hung out with some cocktails outside. Not too long after we turned on the grill and enjoyed a great dinner.

I had such an awesome weekend. I’m glad that I followed my instincts to run the race and was able to just kick back and relax with my friends on Friday, Saturday at the wedding and Sunday with my bestie. I feel rested and ready for the week ahead.