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Snack Attack: Holiday Sugar Overload

7 Dec

Oh man, the goodies are in full swing! With the holiday season comes TONS of sweets that pop up everywhere in every form.

For example, when rolling into the Bux for my cup-o-joe, visions of peppermint mochas and snow-like whipped cream drinks are everywhere you turn. I ran screaming – get me out of here without a third butt-cheek! Yikes.mocha

I am lucky that my office does not really get into the ‘sharing’ thing. Ok, we are a bit crotchety around here, but it’s times like this that I am actually grateful for the lack of kitchen-filled goodies.

However, not everyone has this environment. Some of you may have kind, giving coworkers who bring in their latest baked goods and fudge that you just have to try. christmascookies

So, here are some ways for you, your diet and your jeans to make it through the holidays :

  • Balance, ladies and gentleman. Not all goodies are created equal. Find what you love, enjoy it and move on.
  • On that same note, once you have picked your poison (I can’t say no to my mom’s sugar cookies), have one, enjoy it and move on. Don’t take down the whole plate. Not cute.
  • Keep moving. Take a walk, hit the gym, dance, clean your house – it all counts.
  • The holidays are not about food. Focus on family, fun and experiences. Those will last longer than the second slice of pie.

I am a healthy lifestyle advocate. Nothing is off the table, nothing is a ‘bad’ food. We need to focus on nourishing our bodies with quality food, movement and happiness. Life doesn’t start January 1.

Happy holidays!