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Falling for Saturday

5 Nov

Happy Saturday!
I spent last night laying low with Henry boy so Phil could go out with the guys. I know, lame-o, but it felt oh so good to watch movies, read magazines and eat ice cream on the couch.

Today started nice and easy- no alarms. Ahhh. I rolled out of bed, looked out the window and decided it was an outdoor running day.

My lungs burned the first half (hello cold weather), but I couldn’t be happier. I grabbed Henry for a cool down walk when I made it home.

The morning was filled with some serious cleaning. Is it just me or does the smell of cleaning products make anyone else happy? No? Anyone? At noon my Spartans took the field, which was great background noise.

Finally my belly started growling and I knew just what it wanted. There is a local Panera-like shop in downtown Northville that I’ve been itching to try. The boys came with me (it was half time so everyone was game).

Edward’s was bumping – and it was 2pm. They have a huge and wonderful menu with sandwiches, salads and soup. They also have daily specials including quiche, pasta salads and sweets.




We got our goods to go so we could catch the second half of the game. I went with a half Greek wrap and tomato basil soup. Phil had the club which came with homemade chips. Lunch was delish, Phil gave rave reviews.



Once we were I’ll and the Spartans pulled another W, it was back to the chores.

I’m debating what to-do this afternoon; errands or staying around the house for more stuff that you never seem to have the time for. Either way, I can’t wait to get back out in this beautiful weather!

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday!



Looking on the Bright Side

30 Jul

This week has been filled with ups and downs.







I fell down the stairs Wednesday morning leaving several bumps and bruises.

Phil was almost hit by a car when riding his motor cycle. The car got over and it forced Phil to take his bike into the median. Very scary stuff.

We’re both fine and just recovering.

Positive- went out for drinks last night.

Negative- long run on the training plan. Not sure if I should attempt this or save it for tomorrow.

One way or another, it will get done. Have a great Saturday!


Facing New Challenges

30 Nov

As a part of my daily balancing act, I am trying to always think about being healthy. That translates into my food choices, being active and having a positive mindset. However, with my new daily routine that takes me away from home and keeps me in a car for a 2.5 hr commute, staying active can be really difficult. I think of working out as a part of who I am, but lately it has become something I need to do. GASP! I know, it is a terrible feeling. Especially for someone who used to be active just for fun.

So, I thought, why not give yourself a goal, B?! Great idea! The problem? I gave myself about the worst possible goal in the world because it is my biggest fear in terms of fitness.  I signed up for a race.

Umm, I wiiiissshhh.

I know, you’re probably giggling to yourself, it’s just a 5k. And honestly, I am not sure where the fear comes from. I have run races before, I am a competetor by nature and have been training for skating since I could walk. Setting a plan and working to a goal is how I function. So what the dilly? I have no idea why, but running stresses me out to a point that I talk myself out of it. I know. Stupid.

I think that its my need to be a perfectionist. Why run if I can’t knock out 5 miles with no problem? Why run if I am going to clock anything less then a 8 min mile? Part of my problem are the blogs I am obsessed with…strange, but most of them are runners sharing their daily jaunts of 10 milers. HELLO…are you nuts?! I wish. I am in good shape, I work out 4-6x a week including lots of cardio, spinning and skating so that is not the problem.

The real issue is that I have been very, very lax on my running and the race is in two weeks.  Yup. In the middle of December and I have never run outside. Why you ask? Because I am scared. What if I go out there and can barely get through one mile?! Then what. I am affraid of not being able to cut it and so I do nothing. Not a good plan, B.

At this point I am not sure I want to even do it. I have let this go so long.  What to do, what to do.