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Sorbet Skies

14 Jul

When I woke up for my run this morning, I was instantly inspired by the colors of the sky waking up.

The beautiful swirls reminded me of sorbet, yum!


I took a note from one of my favorite bloggers, J’s Everyday Fashion and dressed based on my inspiration.


When I was younger, any time I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house, they had sorbet in the freezer. Some times it was orange, raspberry or even lime. But my all time favorite is the Neapolitan style where all three are swirled together.

Maybe that lead to my love of all things cool and creamy!

Delish and inspirational.

Do you ever dress based off inspiration? I love how “J” creates outfits off of inspiring photos, colors, nature….whatever hits you. I find I dress based on my mood a lot as well.

Hope you are having a great (and sweet!) day!