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Welcome to LaLa Land

3 Mar

Welcome to sunny LA!

After a crazy week, I jetted home Tuesday night to pack. Let me just say that packing for a skating competition in a sunny state makes for a funny looking suitcase (pants, shorts, sweaters and tanks). With a quick Target run and thanks to my stellar list I made, everything came together pretty quick- much to my surprise.

However, Wed. morning was another story. Let’s just say it included an overflowing washing machine, a dead phone and a husband who was in a very important meeting making him 100% unavailable. To say I was having a bad morning would be an understatement. Why do these things always happen when you’re trying to get somewhere?! Ugh. After a few panicked calls, lots of kisses for Henry, I was off.

I met up with the team at the airport- it was so good to see them as it’s been two weeks due to my new job. We managed to all get on the plane with all the girls, bags, food and such. It was a nice, easy flight and the best part?? We each had a tv and I got to enjoy four glorious hours watching The Food Network.:) The rest of the time I spent chatting w/ Erin and the girls.

After checking into our rooms. We all met up again for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I think I managed to eat about five bites before exhaustion hit in full effect. (With the time change it was almost midnight back home.)

I am sure I will sleep like a baby tonight. Tomorrow includes a trip to Santa Monica and our first practice. Hope you’re all having a good day.

*air kisses*