A New Holiday Agenda

20 Dec

Oh my the holidays are quickly approaching and I am READY! Shopping is done, gifts are wrapped, only a day left at work and then I will be free as a bird!

The past two weeks have been h-e- double hockey sticks, so I am anticipating the break to be extra awesome.

We will be at home for the next few days celebrating our friend’s birthday, relaxing and hopefully planning our spring vacation. Because honestly, that is all I can think about right now.


For Christmas, we will be at home for the FIRST TIME! In fact, I have never not been at my parents house, or in the past few years, Phil’s mom’s house. It will be a change to wake up in our home – one that I am looking forward to but also think there will be a twinge of sadness. My Mother in Law is coming down to celebrate the holiday and is scheduled to arrive on Christmas Eve. So, we will have family and have planned some fun activities.

On Wednesday, we are heading north to my home for a HUGE weekend; Christmas, New Years and my brother’s wedding! Oh, it is going to be a solid week of good times.

Between the lack of snow and a wedding just days after Christmas, I have barely given the holiday any thought. Like I said, a whole different holiday this year.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Do you live somewhere that gets snow? Do you have any this year?




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